Update on Baby G

So on Monday my baby boy had his upper GI study.

My wonderful husband and my aunt took him.
Sidenote I was going to take off work because Momma has to be there and then they called and said that only ONE parent can go back when they do the test. So since I already have Friday off because we leave for camp we decided as a family it was better for me to work and Michael and my aunt (we call her Mema) to go.

So here is how it works in case anyone wants to know. When you get there baby has to have an empty stomach. So Michael got him up at 6:15 to eat because our appointment was at 10:30 and he had to have at least 4 hours of no eating. So then they give you some stuff to mix in his bottle. Grayson ate his bottle and then they take you back in a room. They strap him down at his chest, waist and legs, his arms are free. I will admit when my hubby called me to tell me what was going on I cried a little my sweet baby boy was being strapped down it broke my heart. But then Michael sent me a picture and well he was smiling and cooing so I'm the freak mom that looses her sh*t over nothing. Anyway then a machine moves around the table. Grayson did so good and actually fell asleep on the table in the last 10 minutes. The nurses there could not get over how good he was.....to say the least my husband was a proud daddy for sure.

Anywho they called us that very same night and told us that Grayson had severe acid reflux and that we needed to start him on baby Zantac. I'm hoping that this helps with the throwing up and the congestion. I mean don't even remember what it sounds like when he breaths normally. We start veggies soon and while I'm planning on making my own baby food, I'm going to buy some to try first just so that I don't have 958214 containers of squash and sweet potatoes and peas and my child for some reason cannot eat them. That would be my luck. So I know it's 2 posts in one day but I needed to write it all down.
I'm off to shop for our camping trip with my sister and then start tackling the 5 billion lists of things we need to travel with a bambino.