4 Month Check Up!!!!

Yesterday was Grayson's 4 month check up!

Let me give a little bit of back ground first.
When Grayson was a month old he got the sniffles (or so I thought). I rushed him the the doctors and they said it was a cold and gave a few suggestions to help him. Us being first time parents went bat sh*t crazy and did everything on the list.
1. Got him a cool mist humidifier
2. Bought baby saline for his nose
3. Got a wedge for him to sleep on in his crib.
He seemed to get a little bit better but was always worse at night.
Then we went in for is 2 month check up and he was breathing fine that day of course! Well 2 days later my babe was so stuffed up again he could hardly breath out of his nose. We tried everything even sitting in the shower steam with him and it would help but only temporarily. So we took him to the doctors again they said it was a cold and to keep doing what he was doing. Well 2 nights later I picked him up from day care and he was beyond sick. I could see it in his eyes and he was just not breathing good. So I got him into see the doctor that night and they said he was just battling the cold and he would be fine. Well I vowed that night that unless he had a fever or his symptoms got worse I was not bringing him back in just to hear the same. freaking. thing. every.time. Well about 2 weeks ago he started throwing up on a daily basis. I'm not talking about the little spit up after eating. We are talking full on cover the front of him the back of me throw up. And it was always happing about 2 to 3 hours after he ate. I was beyond in pain seeing him like this. But no fever and he was still my smiling happy baby so I held off until his 4 month check up.

So we finally got some answers or the start of. They think he has reflux so we are doing an upper GI study and will go from there 
Here are his current stats 

Holy chunky baby!!! And he got some shots so my baby was like this most if last night 

We got the go ahead to start cereal this month and veggies when he is 5 months. I mean my baby is growing up! But I so love being his momma!