More about me part 1

My name is Katlin 
I'm 26 years old 
I met my husband when I was 21
His name is Michael 
It was love at first sight
He is 9 years older than me
We were married one year after we first met 
I have my associates degree in accounting and business administration 
My husband was my rock while I went to school full time for 2 years 
My husband is my best friend 
He works full time as a truck driver delivering fuel to gas stations 
I work full time as a payroll clerk/administrative assistant 
I LOVE my job
My husband and I have ZERO days off together he works Wednesday through Sunday. I work Monday through Friday 
I have one child named Grayson
He changed my whole life and is my world
I struggled putting my baby in daycare 3 days a week
I cried when my sister got a job there easing my crazy momma mind 
I love that 2 days a week my boys have boy time together 
I love that my husband is such an amazing father 
Ok there will be a part 2 😄