Weekend long winded Re-cap style

I love weekends. I get to wake up with my baby and enjoy the morning. I know I'm beyond blessed that I have a happy baby in the morning. He legit does not cry or fuss to eat for a good half an hour after we wake up. This is like heaven I get sooooo much done in that half an hour than I do all day sometimes. 

Saturday we got up and started knocking out the laundry and dishes. Then around 11:30 I got the bright idea to put together our new entertainment system by myself. Well that went over really well because Grayson refused to help me, so I gave up. About 20 seconds after I parked my bottom back on the couch my Mom called asked what I was doing and then volunteered my Dad to come over and help. By 12:30 he was in the dining room with me reading directions and putting that contraption together. Grayson of course like all babies has an internal alarm that goes off anytime you try to do a project so my Dad being the amazing Papa that he is scooped him up and occupied him while I finished the building. I got to putting on the last cabinet door when I realized they had forgot to drill the holes for the screws!!!! At that point I told my Dad that Michael could finish is when he got home and we sat down and had a quick beer before it was time to feed Grayson man.

I just have to say I love my parents. Their kindness and love amazes me. They are my everything and we really would be lost without them.

When Michael got home he was beyond happy with how much was already done. So we ate dinner early and then got down to business. I put Grayson down for his cat nap and he slept while we swapped out the old entertainment system which on a side note was an old work bench so this thing was ha-uge! We moved it to the dinning room to use as a buffet. We moved it out vacuumed the dust and dog hair that had accumulated behind it and got the new one moved in. Let me just say I'm in la love! It gives us so much more room in the living room and that is just awesome. After that we were exhausted so we feed the bambino and up to bed we went.

Sunday morning Grayson and I got up and started cleaning. I had just vacuumed all the floors in my house when my momma called. She is so sweet and our conversation went something like this

Gigi: "What time does Grayson eat"
Me:- " Like half an hour"
GiGi-" OK well I want to take a walk so I'm going to zip over and pick up Grayson and take him for a walk with me and then go visit Uncle Donnie and then take him grocery shopping with me is that OK? I mean then you can get whatever work done you need or you can take a nap and get ready for your pool party"
Me-" Of course you can take your grandson whenever you want"

She was at my house within the hour and I just love her. She loves my son like nothing I have ever seen before. They have such a special bond and she sees him at least once a week. So while he was gone with his Gigi I dusted, scrubbed the floors, scrubbed the bathroom, showered and made my pasta salad for the party. Michael got home around 1:00, Chris and Tracy showed up around 1:30 and we made pina colada's.  I mean they were sooooo good. Dennis and Marie pulled in shortly after that. It was a great day and my baby came home around 2:00 ate his bottle. He was being Mr. fuss face so I put him in his stroller and had not even finished buckling him in when he was out like a lite. My sweet precious baby boy was tuckered out. He slept for 2 hours which is so not like him.
We had such a great weekend. Got a ton of work around the house done and had a great time with great friends. To say we are blessed is an understatement.