Marriage and a Baby

My husband and I were married just shy of 3 years when we found out we were pregnant with our rolly polly baby boy.
I remeber when we first got married and everyone used to say don't have kids right away, enjoy your time as a married couple. I admit I used to roll my eyes and say get real I will get preggo whenever I please thank you very much!
Then somethings happened. I had the strong urge to get my degree before I had babies because well who care why I just wanted to. I felt like it would be much more of a challenge with a bambino running around. So after much thought I went to school full time ( if we are getting technical 18 credit hours a sememster) for 2 years and got 2 associate degrees. My husband supported me and we made it through although not always easy.
I walked across that stage becuase lets face it, it's a right of passage and I knew I was ready to be a momma. I graduated in May, got my job in June and on July 17th (yep I know the date) I got the Yup Yup girl your cooking a bun in the oven positive pregnancy test.

Sorry that was a huge side note. Anywayyyyyyy

I loved and now cherish those 3 baby free years we had. Don't get me wrong I would not change having my Grayson for the world but we grew in those years. Those 3 years we laughed, we cried, we fought ( all married couples do and I'm ok with admitting it!) we made up, we blew money in an immature way, we drank to much, we slept in (yup that is looooong gone now), we lived in married bliss. Carefree married bliss.

Now that we have Grayson our marriage looks so different. I love Michael more because honeslty seeing him being a dad melt. my. heart. ( really I'm a puddle on the floor because I'm crying at the beauty of the father son relationship). But we also have less time one on one. Grayson rules the roost he is the TOP priority. Because when boy needs to eat he needs to eat. But I have learned one very important thing. Our marriage needs to come first.
I'm being completly honest here we had a 3 month learning curve. Just when we thought we had adjusted bam I went back to work so we had to re learn everything. Who does what, how to communicate better and I was such a big offender of this.Crying, yelling, the freeze out, I feel like I did it all to my oh so wonderful husband. But I learned that he makes mistakes too. We forgive we move on, we love deeper having been through a monsoon of emotions.
Our marriage may not be easy like it once was but it is so much deeper and understanding. We have grown more in 4 months than we did in those 3 years and I'm sure that we will continue to grow, but we will always always make sure we grow together NOT apart. The saying goes having a baby changes everything and it does but it so changed it for the better.