I woke up today thinking it was Thursday. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was only Tuesday!!

Our family unit is in need of some shaking up. Truth is our schedules just don't jive too well with having a child. I don't know what the changes will be, or how it will look when the changes are over but we just need something to shift.

I may or may not have a shopping problem. OK this is labeled confessions so I do! I do have a shopping problem. I want my baby to look like a little man I have a very specific idea of how he should dress.

I already ordered Grayson's Halloween shirt. Now don't get it twisted not his costume yet. I have a lot of ideas cooking in this head up here.

I'm a picky eater. I just am can't help it but my husband loves it when we "eat the same meal" it's really cute how excited he gets.

I made a commitment to start working out at the gym at least 3 times a week starting September 1st. At this point it seems impossible because I'm so exhausted. Please baby boy start sleeping through the night please!!!

I love cooking with fresh veggies. Something about it just feels good.

I really do love Tuesday's because well it's Volleyball night. I like playing even though I'm beyond competitive and it's just something to look forward to.

I'm beyond blessed with my family. They call alllll the time to just come get G to spend time with him. Someone made the comment that I'm "without" my child a lot. It may seem that way but he is allllways with family. They call and ask for him and I will NOT deny my child time with his closest family members. I think since he has been born we have asked someone to watch him a handful of times so we can have date nights. My family is close. If it was socially acceptable to live in a giant compound all with each other we would. We are close and I love that Gray will have these memories of special time with his aunt's Gigi and cousins.

I live in my head. Let me explain before you think I'm a phsyco. I over think every.single.gosh.darn.thing. I try to made the best decision which causes me to completely freak myself out sometimes. Am I alone? anyone? OK me and myself will be just fine by ourselves.

In one week my child will be 5 months old!!!!! I may ugly cry when writing that post. I don't know where the time has gone.....I was just pregnant.

I did it. I went into hiding for the first time last night. I heard G start to fuss and I ran into the bathroom and pretended to be going to the bathroom. I needed a break, and on the plus side, I scrubbed the sink and toilet. I think it was a win win.