Update on sleep training

So we have been sleep training for about a week and fingers crossed we have finally found our groove.

We struggled for the first couple days have had some good nights and then a couple bad. I dug through Grayson's book shelf and found Sounds for Silence baby settling program.We decided to give this a try because the plain old cry it out stuff was not for us. This has a CD with it and after skimming the book decided it was for us.

On Thursday night we popped the CD in and put G in the crib awake but drowsy.This has to be the hardest thing for me because I love cuddling with him until he falls asleep but every book I have read says that is a no no. Anyway..... He cried for about 10 minutes went in patted his back and then he was out. Until about 11:30 then he was up and crying like a mad man. I went in patted him on the back and he would fall asleep and then 5 minuets later he was up again. He finally knocked out at 12:30 and I crawled back into bed. He slept until I had to wake him up for daycare. WAKE HIM UP FOR DAYCARE!!! He usually is up bright eyed at 5:15. So now we have a new routine that he eats his first bottle at daycare!! I love this because it is a lot less stressed in the mornings

He has progressively gotten better each night and is doing awesome with napping in his crib or pack n play as well. I still wake up a little panicked if I have not heard him in a few hours but I'm digging the sleep. The book suggests a security item at 6 months so we have already started to get him used to a few things. As my mom points out 6 months is almost here!!! I'm pretty sure I gave her the dirtiest look ever when she said that.

Sunday night he only woke up once at my mom's house but self soothed and slept until 5:00.
Monday night he woke up once at 11:30 but went back to sleep by 11:45 and slept until 6:45!!!
And last night oh last night he slept straight through from 7:30 until 5:20 this morning. And the only reason my darling boy woke up was because he had peed through his diaper and was in wet jimmy jams!!!! But he was still happy I changed him into his clothes for the day and then he fell right back asleep until I carried him into daycare at 6:30!!!

So if any other Mommy's out there are having sleep issues. Sounds for Silence has helped us and worked in a matter of 4 days!!! And now I feel like a million bucks!!