Wednesday Words

This is just a Hodge podge of my thinking this week.

- For a few weeks Grayson was very into the potty. I have a potty chair and the seat that goes on the toilet he preferred the toilet and even went on it once (and one time on the floor as I was lifting him on the toilet). Now? Nothing so we have backed off. I know he is young but I was excited to see the end of the tunnel that is paved with diapers.

- I got a sneak peak of my blog design and I'm in love. I promise I will do a whole blog post once it is finished!

- We have dinner with my brother and sister-in-law on Friday and my parents offered to watch all of the kids overnight on Friday while we are at dinner. I'm beyond excited to have a night out and hang out with my sister-in-law. About 5 years ago we decided to stop buying Christmas gifts for each other and just go out to dinner, instead it's a nice tradition that I look forward to every year. Plus Saturday morning at home to myself? Okay you twisted my arm. 

- I just bought my ticket for Wine About Winter. It is a huge wine tasting that his held at local business' in the next town over. It happens to fall the weekend after my cousins birthday so my Mom, sister, and cousin are all going to celebrate her birthday. $20.00 gets you early admission (1 hour), a wine glass and a free tasting at all the wineries.

-Grayson go his first big boy haircut yesterday and OMG I will let the pictures do the talking
Before sitting like such a big boy
After looking so grown up!
My boy did such a good job. She even used the trimmer on his neck and he sat still the whole time. So proud of him and we got a ton of compliments on how well behaved our boy was my Mama heart was very full in those moments.

- After said haircut I got a call that there were suspicious charges on my card and yup my card had fradulent charges on it.Thank goodness they caught it when they did $700.00 spent at various electronic stores. Ugh. Now I have to wait for my new card and for the changes to be disputed. Joy.

- The Keurig 2.0 changed my life. Need I say more?

Happy Hump Day!