Let's talk Organization

Happy Tuesday! Thursday!!!!
Yes I started this post Monday night and then I didn't have enough storage on my phone to take pictures. And I'm as nosy as can be and I love pictures so I set out to move all my photos over to my zip drive that still remains missing so I ordered a new one and thanks to Prime I got it last night and was able to click a few pics. So here we are 2 days late but better late than never! Right?

I'm linking up with Andrea for her Show and Tell series.

Ahhhh Organization the thing that keeps me sane. Without it I'm a fumbling fool.

Here are my tips, tricks and crazy things I do to stay organized.

This bench and coat rack is essential to my sanity.

The bench holds our bags for the day. My purse, lunch bag and Grayson's diaper bag. Our hats, mittens, and scarves also get dropped here. This is our get out the door congregating area and so I love it. I come in plop our bags here and I know in the morning it's all right there again. Mornings are tough and always rushed to this is the key to getting out the door on time.This real life people. About 15 mins before I took this picture Grayson dumped that basket holding all of our hats and mittens and is sitting in it in the living room eating "nillas" and watching Mickey.

Next up Grayson's shoe bin. His shoes go here (it's not far from our coat/bag hub) Also extra bags and cart covers and misc things that might be needed to head out somewhere are here. He can put his own shoes away and I know where they are. We keep soft coolers here for when we take milk with us and other cold items. Plus I keep his swimsuit here. I know it's winter but there are indoor pools and I would hate to have to dig through to find it because I packed it away.

I have a white board on my fridge.(that I didn't take a picture of oops!) Grocery lists are started on here a lot along with lists for packing. If Grayson is going somewhere over night I pack everything I can the night before he leaves and then I will make a list of the things I need to grab right before I leave. This is usually the cold things and his night time stuff. I love being able to have this right here instead of a piece of paper that can easily get thrown in the garbage my grabby hands  (trust me it happens) I also stick appointment cards here after I write them in my planner that way Michael can see what is coming up and the time too.

Underneath we have a meal board so that everyone know what we are eating and when. I love this!

And the last thing I'm going to show you is my life line my main side kick my planner!!!!
A little back story. I have always been a planner girl I get it from my Grandma Gray. I write down things to do bills, personal info and memories. The planners act as a journal of sorts. After I had Grayson and was just overwhelmed I fell off the planner wagon.Well this July I did some research and Erin Condren caught my eye and then the price shocked me but it made sense. Plus I got it starting in July through 2015 so a year and a half. Well this thing is worth it's weight in gold. I love it.

Here is typical week

And Month

I use washi tape to make things pop and these pens because Andrea talked them up so much lol! But really they are awesome.

I sit down on Saturdays and look at the next week. I plan meals and double check appointments and bills.

I keep my bills in the back pocket and as I get them I write the check and stick them in there all sealed stamped and ready to go. I write in my calender when to drop them in the mail and I'm good to go.Grayson's school things go in here. Plus my nice list of weekly to do's are on the side so I can just glance really quick. I write down memories like in September when my boys was spewing new words like no tomorrow I have them written down. I just love this thing. I have a list in the back of go to meals and this helps with meal planning. I just love it! Here is a code you get $10.00 off your first order!Trust me I use this thing a million times a day!

And there yo have a small snippet of how I stay organized. I didn't even touch on the laundry room, bathroom, or Grayson's room because well I'm not writing a novel!