I think they have a switch

This weekend was our big football party. It's a great night and I look forward to it every year.

Grayson was fine all day. We packed him up for his overnight he ate breakfast and lunch and then went down for a nap.

And then 15 mins before we were supposed to take him to my Aunt's house he projectile vomited all over poor Michael. It was awful. He went on to throw up 3 more times before we left and my mom insisted that we still go and she would stay with him. That woman is a saint I swear. But I swear kids have a switch that says Mom and Dad are going out time to get sick. I know it's not true but man it feels like it. My Mom says I could throw a fever at the drop of a hat if they were going out. Karma is what my mother calls it.

We had a good night but now I feel sick to my stomach and have no appetite. Fingers crossed it passes fast because I don't have time to be sick. Mom's never do right?

So this post is short and sweet and I only took two photos all weekend one with each of my boys.

Happy Monday!