Friday Favories!!!!

It's Friday and that alone is a Favorite!!
The week after the Holiday's is always a bruiser for me. I'm exhausted and plus we have had a rough few days over at the Smith household. But I know that I will look back and wish for the days when he wanted me to hold him and rock him to sleep. 

Anyway on to the fun with Andrea

These boots are my Favorite. Listen I'm an UGG girl all day long. However -15 temps and 12" of snow call for some serious boots and these do the trick.
Waterproof, sherpa lining and great traction= I'm sold plus the $78.00 price tag was nice too!

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My Mom was off school today so she offered to watch Grayson so that he was home safe when the next round of snow hits this afternoon. She just sent me this pick and I die him in the snow is a Favorite for me today. My boys love language is outside time so this just makes him happy. And yes he cried when she tried to take him back inside. *sigh* you win some you lose some

Another favorite from the above picture the mittens he is wearing. My Grandma (G's Great Gram) made them for him they are thumb less and have the string attaching them so we don't lose them when/ if he pulls them off. I have her making me a few more pairs so that we have options and can stash an extra set in the diaper bag and each of our vehicles

My last favorite is this yogurt. I'm not a yogurt eater. at.all. In fact when I first tried this yogurt I was not a fan but I'm trying to eat better (think no pop-tarts) so I tried it again and now I have it every morning. I have only had the vanilla because I'm not ready for chunks in my yogurt yet.

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