When we were visiting my Aunt and Uncle this weekend so I could help him register for an art show my aunt made a comment that left me scratching my head. I truly think it was a compliment but it still made me think. She said "I have never in my whole life seen a baby on such a schedule".

About a month ago Grayson went to spend the night at my aunt's house. We had our football party and since drinking was the only thing on the program we made plans for an overnight. I packed the exact amount of food and medicine that he would need.

I thought nothing about it but I never pack G extra bottles. Since he was about 2 months old Grayson has been on a schedule and has not varied off of it. Sure the schedule has changed but once he is on it he is good too go.
Right now he eats like this
7:00-7:30- 8oz. bottle
10:-10:30-yogurt and 6 oz bottle
1:00-Fruit and Cheerios
4:30-5:00-Stage 3 meal and puffs
7:00-7:30-8 oz. bottle

He has been on that schedule since October. He never eats an extra bottle and always finishes his meal.

The thing is early on we noticed with Grayson that if we did the same things at the same time he was much more relaxed and he napped better, and went to bed easier.

That's not to say that sometimes we bend the schedule. And he rolls with the changes but for the most part we are on the above schedule. He follows this same routine at daycare.

My baby is good, oh so good. He very rarely cries and if he does boy be hungry or tired. I think that he knows what to expect and he is more calm because of that.

Does anyone else follow a schedule or is it more fly by the seat of your pants?