Busy Weekend Re-cap

Friday after I picked up G and we got home we just relaxed for a little while. Grayson was fussy because he only slept for half an hour allllll day!!! He usually sleeps a good 2-3 hours throughout the day so he was way over tired. We ate dinner fast (we had breakfast sandwiches and waffles) and then we got G ready for bed early. His little head had hit the sheets by 6:15.

Saturday I got up and started to clean the house. I got my grocery list around for my party supplies and laid my clothes out for the wedding we had later that night. My mom came and got G at 12:30 and then I scrubbed my bathroom and cleaned up the kitchen before I met Michael at the grocery store for the big shopping. So let me be honest and say I blew my budget. I said $100.00 well it was really more like $250.00. The party got much bigger than I originally thought and we had 30 people. So I was still pretty happy with the out come. Then we rushed home to get ready for the wedding. The way they decorated the  venue was cute and rustic. I did not take any pictures because well I left my phone in the car. But we had a few beer, and danced to a couple slow dances and then headed home. My mom was a doll and brought G back to our house to put him to bed so we did not have to take him out after he was asleep.

Sunday was the big day and my sister came over early to help me get ready. By 2 the party was in full swing and thankfully the rain stopped and the sun came out so people could be outside and inside. I made 6 pounds of taco mean and it was all GONE.!!!! I for sure thought that I would have left overs but all was good because people ate and had a good time. Overall it was a fun successful day and Michael said it was his best party to date so it goes down as a win!!

Now tonight I'm more than ready to just relax with my boys!!!!