An update of sorts on the little man that rules my roost (and heart).

First of all why a doctor tells you ASAP and then is not in the office the next day to read the results blows my effing mind. Get real people if you tell me Go! Now! Fast! Timeisoftheessence! I do it duh!
Anyway (be prepared for little vents like that sprinkled through out the rest of the post)
G needed the x-ray done to determine if the constant congestion was caused by enlarged adenoids.
So I took half a day on Tuesday and off we went to get the x-ray done.
First of all the technician we had was amaze balls. He was really nice and calm and that is what my baby jives well with so it went flawlessly. He did not make a noise, no crying, no yelling ( a normal for him). He just stared at the lights.
We were in and out within an hour which in my book equals success. They told us your doctor will have the results within the hour. So I'm thinking hey 4 ish we should be hearing from the doctor.

Well in case you don't know this about me when it comes to things like this well I jump the gun. We called at 3:30. Had to leave a message and then about an hour later got a call saying "James is not in the office and since he wrote the script only he can read the results so it won't be until tomorrow." I think steam came through my ears but in reality what difference did it make I just like to be dramatic sometimes.

Grayson was just off all night I could tell and his right eye started to goop up. He went down relatively easy but woke up at 10 got rocked back to sleep and was back out for the night until 3:30 when we woke up to a black tar like poop. I made a note about it and got him back to bed. My sister stayed at our house with him so he did not have to go to daycare.
Thankfully the doctor called me at 8:05 and said yes he has enlarged adenoids. And gave me a referral for an ENT. It just happened to be the same ENT that removed my tonsills and adenoids some odd years ago. The earliest they can get us in is December 10th. Blah and now I'm just crossing my fingers that we can get this surgery done on our current insurance (another story for another day).
 My sister called me around 9:00 saying he had another black tar like poop and it smelled awful. I did the sensible crazy thing and googled it. I got a variety of answers that all said go call your doctor. So I did again for the 3rd time this week.

They said of course bring him in. As previously stated I CANNOT leave work on Wednesday's. So my hubby took him to the doctor with the diapers in question in tow. They tested them right in the office and they tested negative for blood. It is probably his body adjusting to the new foods that we are giving him. They also rechecked his eyes and said they looked good. His cough well they said it will take time. They told my husband that we were doing a good job and that he looks healthy aside from the nose and cough. That made me feel good because as a parent when your babe is sick you feel helpless.

We sent him to daycare today because he seemed fine yesterday. Still laughing and playing in his jumper. We did have a diaper explosion last night that was up the back but it was right before bath time so in he went a few minutes early. He has been fighting the cereal at night it takes FOREVER to feed him but I think that is just his teeth coming through.

My hubby and I were talking about the whole adenoid surgery situation and while it makes us both nervous if my kid can breath better and not have constant congestion we will have put aside our fears and get him better. Ultimately we will do what the ENT says. He is the best in our area so trust him fully and he did an awesome job taking the ish out of my head.