Let's say SO WHAT

So What.....
Life After I Dew

We are ordering office lunch and I'm getting a not so healthy Stromboli

I contemplated getting chicken wings too

I have yet to take care of the laundry from 2 weeks ago

I wore one of Michael's sweatshirts to work today because it was on the chair I didn't feel like going back upstairs to get one of mine

I freak out every month that I might be pregnant when I know I'm not but you see before G my monthly bill was like clock work same time on the same day now well things are still adjusting I guess????(sorry maybe TMI)

I'm counting down the days until Saturday when I get to go out with my husband for a few hours we need some adult time without worrying about the next bottle, poop diapers, and bath time

I feel guilty for going out on Saturday because I should be with my baby at all times ( I think there is a Mom Guilt switch that once you pop that baby out gets turned on starting the internal battle that is Motherhood)

I had ice cream on Monday the little shop around the corner was closing for the season and we had only gone once all summer so I begged mentioned to my husband that it was the last night and after bed time he grabbed it for us

I want to get married again  (to the same man of course) just so I can have the wedding I have "pinned".