Weekend Wrap Up- It was a good one

Friday after work I ran and got Grayson so that we could run a few errands and then head out to Dennis and Marie's house.

"running in the store quick" yeah that does not happen with a 2 year old, but he was so so good. We grabbed our party supplies and headed for baby doughnut Friday. Stopped off quick to grab his 3 wheeler and throw the cold stuff in the cooler and then we were off to Dennis and Marie's.

We got there and the guys had just finished a lap of racing so we chatted for a little bit got out G's power wheels let him take a few laps before the big boys got back on the bikes and then Grayson started picking up sticks in the yard. Something he learned from my father. He got hot wanted to swim in their kiddie pool that is meant for their dog but we let him go at it anyway. First with just his diaper and then that got filled up with water and he wanted it off so he went skinny dipping. #redneckswimming.

We left there around 7:40 got home for bath and bed for Grayson and we were not far behind him.

Saturday we got up early and watched some Barney and man that dinosaur is not my favorite but I will take it over a non education show. We made rice krispie treats that were a major fail because I didn't use butter. I only had margine and noticed after I made them that it said to only use butter. Ooops! we ate some anyway and then threw the rest out.

My sister called and asked to take Grayson to the park and farmer's market for a few hours. I agreed and while they were gone I mopped all my floors and cleaned Grayson's room. They brought me home zucchini and tomatoes and I made 2 loaves of zucchini bread and we had zucchini lasagna for dinner with venison sausage. It was so easy and super healthy. While I made dinner the boys swam and then we played outside for a little bit after dinner

Sunday Mom and I went to 8:30 service out at Smith's pond. There is something about worship outside in the early morning. It was beautiful. Grayson and I headed back home and stopped at a veggie stand after for sweet corn, peaches, and green beans. Then we got in some playing outside and naps for everyone. Mama was tired.

We headed to my parents house after for dinner and swimming and some poppers. Notice the bow on his head. He wanted to be a present, love that imagination. It was bed once we got home and then ice cream night for mommy and daddy.

Now it's back to work and counting down the time to being able to be home with my boys playing outside.

Happy Monday!