Long Weekend Happies

I love long weekends. I wish I had a 4 day weekend all the time because now 2 days just does not seem like enough!

Thursday was the start of weekend and I was more than ready. I was having some pain so I decided that a heating pad was what I needed. They had one on me at the hospital and I remember how glorious it felt so after dinner Grayson and I headed to the pharmacy and to get ice cream at the same time because that is what summer is all about. We came home and ate our ice cream with Daddy and then headed to bed. I stayed up way to late watching orange is the new black.

Friday- I took Grayson to daycare. Mommy needed a day. I felt guilty taking him so I asked him if he wanted to go and he said yes so I took him to "pay wif my fwends mommy". I grabbed a breakfast sandwich on my way home and relaxed for little bit binge watching orange is the new black while doing some laundry. Then I decided to tackle a few things that needed to get done that are just plain hard with Grayson. I scrubbed the oven, which ew just gross. I don't think I had ever cleaned it the whole 6 years we have lived here so I have no added that onto my monthly rotation. I also scrubbed the bathroom top to bottom. I do a wipe down every other day but on Friday I took that bathroom down. I also vacuumed and mopped all the floors. It was glorious. Michael brought home Grayson and we spent the night playing and talking about how the next day was parade day!

Saturday- Well this day started out great I got showered and ready even snapped some pics to send to Michael to make sure I looked ok 

then it was time to leave and that child of mine decided he was not going to clean up. This is where my family thinks I'm a hard ass but I was not leaving for that parade until he cleaned up and put sunscreen on. 

It took a good half an hour but he got the point and we got ready and headed out the door. Grayson is a rock star! He was sooo good at the parade. Not a single fit was thrown, he was cool when we ran out of tickets for the blow up slide. He was fine when we had to throw out his snow cone because it was just leaking every where. He was even chill when two older kids stood in front of him at the parade. He just climbed up on my mom's lap and watched! 

About an hour into the parade he was starting to get heavy eyes so we packed up mid parade and headed back to my parents house for nap. I left Grayson there sleeping and headed home to get Michael. I layed down for a bit and we headed back. Grayson still sleeping with out a paci because Mommy forgot to pack one. We hung out with family, ate good food, played in  the sandbox and then made some smores! 

We didn't watch fireworks because Michael had to work the next day and Grayson was just wiped.

Sunday- We headed out before it got too hot out and got out our water table and cleaned off the front porch. My boy loves the water and this is the perfect way for me to get a few things done and have him play. I moved it onto the front porch that way he is not out in the dead sun. We had a blast and now the front porch is night sitting ready

. I love it! Papa Tom came to visit after nap and try to help us get the pool cleaned. We just cannot get it clear. I think we have it almost taken care of because we are so ready to be swimming! Papa Joe stopped by after dinner and the boys played outside and Grayson played with the garden hose.

Monday- also known as Michael-Katlin day. We left the house a little late because my husband decided to pull the power wheels that I won for Grayson 2 years ago out of the attic and put it together. 

My aunt got to our house we finished everything up and out we went. Old Navy, Target, the mall, Dicks,Gander Mountain, and Kohl's we got a ton of stuff and headed home to our nugget, who had a full day of being spoiled by Mema (my aunt). A thunder storm rolled in at night and we just relaxed inside. 

Today I'm back at work. Grayson and Michael are home playing with the new power wheels and splashing in the water. 

Grayson is officially done with his paci which is huge! One step closer to moving up a room at daycare. Our last hurdle potty training. He is close but not quite. He will however poop on the potty but peeing it another story. I know this is backwards from every other kid out there but with pooping he knows that feeling much more than peeing. I'm not pusing it too much right now but would like him to be out of diapers (at least during the day and nap time) by the end of August so that he can move up in September!