Half way through the year resolution

This is a thing right? Halfway through the year you make new resolutions?

Okay maybe it's just me anyway

July 1st is the exact halfway point and I decided that with everything that had happened I wanted to make some halfway new year resolutions.

The top of that list was soaking up all the little moments with Grayson and taking more pictures.

The next biggest thing was one on one time with Michael.

We neeeed this so so bad. With our work schedules we get very little (read if any!) alone time together.

Michael gets up to go to work at 2:30 in the morning and starts work at 3:30.
That means he goes to bed no later than 8:45. So with Grayson going to bed at about 7:45-8:00 and after we shower and finish picking up for the night we sometimes have mere seconds together at night.

So I put out an SOS to Michael and my Mom and I came up with a plan. Every other week my Mom will watch Grayson for a few hours so that Michael and I can go out and spend some time just us.

It doesn't have to be dinner every time (although tonight is Mexican!) it just has to be just us.

We did this on the 14th and it was wonderful. I had my follow up appointment and so Michael came with me and then we went to dinner and grocery shopping after. It was nice to sit at the bar and eat and to take our time shopping without having a million items thrown in the cart.

I read somewhere once that your day to day relationship with your children most likely will end at age 18. They will go to college and move out and they will no longer be a fixture in your house day to day. Who will be left? Your spouse. You don't want 18 years to pass and then look at your spouse and say wait who are you? Putting the work in now and making the most of stolen moments is what counts.

So we have been working on this. I have been saying yes to people when they ask to have Grayson for an hour or two. The other night my sister took Grayson for an hour and Michael and I wasted no time in hoping on the 4 wheeler and taking a rid on our back acreage. Sure there were dishes to be done, rugs to be vacuumed, laundry to be folded and a million other things. But there was also memories to be made. And so we snatched it up and I'm so glad we did. 

Here's to twice a month one on one time with this stud!

Halfway through the year resolutions are nice!