An update on Grayson-almost 2.5 years old

It feels odd to count in months once they turn 2 but he is officially 29 months and therefore teetering on the edge of being closer to 3 than 2 and my momma heart is all what? Didn't I just have him? HOW did this happen?

Anyway here it is the update on this little man that I love so much.

Grayson Michael,

Oh Bubba. I love you. At this point your my sidekick. We do everything together and I just love it. You are fiercely independent though and that makes it challenging sometimes. Like when I'm vacuuming and you just have to do "do it i self!" You try so hard and I'm glad that you are not afraid to ask for help. You love to clean and pick things up! You sing the clean up song all the time however you always say "mommy you hewp me keen up little bit?" I always help you because I can't resist your sweetness.

You have a sassy side and you tell us no more now than I would like.We have lots of redirection to do on this. Your eating is still the same you know what you like and what you don't like and you refuse anything that you don't want to try. That's fine buddy but you go without treats more than you would like because you didn't finish dinner.

You love all things trucks, cars, and tools. I find you multiple times a day "fixin da truck" in your little playroom. You put on shows for us with your guitar all the time and I love every second of it.

Your my little lover. You beg me to cuddle you in bed for "just a little bit" all the time. You say "mommy hold me" every night after your bath and when we sit on the couch you have to sit so close to me your pretty much on my lap. You must be touching me or daddy during your bedtime show. It's sweet and I relish those moments they make my heart so full of love.

Your bedtime routine has been touch and go and exhausting for daddy and I. You have been paci free for over a month and never even ask for it but going to bed is like torture. We have switched things up and are hoping that it helps you go to bed easier. We do early bath like 6:30-7 and then you get to watch a show (usually bubbly guppies or mickey mouse) while you have a snack and some milk,  just cut that out due to potty training you now get milk with dinner!Then it's upstairs for some reading and 2 songs before we put you to bed.

You love school and all the art projects and getting to go outside. They tell me you talk like crazy all the time and are such an old soul. However if I'm around you get shy and cling to me.

Your sense of humor is off the charts. You will make a funny noise and then wait for our reaction and if we laugh you laugh even louder. If we say something funny you respond with "silly mommy/daddy" It's sweet and cute. Also your a parrot. You repeat EVERYTHING! I say to you all the time when we talk about our plans for the day "sounds like a plan stan" and the other day we were talking about how you were going to come visit me at work and you said "oh-kaaay mommy sounds wike a pam stand" lol Love it!

You have been diaper free now for 2 days and that is huge! You decided (on you own time) that it was time for underwear! We have a potty chart and pull ups for night time but other than that you wear big boy underwear and tell us when you have to pee. I'm so proud of you. We have been seriously potty training for about 3 weeks and this past weekend you just decided to go full force. You love to pee in the potty and pick out your underwear. I'm not worried about the night time thing but when your not sleeping you are doing good. You went to school for the first time and had 2 accidents which is not bad considering you peed on the potty 4 times and woke up from nap dry.

We have been working on positive reinforcement. You you are such a good encourager to me and daddy telling us when we do something nice and so we know you are getting it. You tantrums have started so we just let you work those out on your own. You cried for a good 15 minuets the other day because I wouldn't let you color with a sharpie. You finally got over it and moved on but man that time was torture.

If we leave you in a room by yourself (like in the living room when we are in the kitchen cooking) you will yell "oh mommy where are you?" Until I peak my head around the corner and then you give me your crinkly nose smile.

Really though your such a blessing and we love that we get to spend our days with you! I'm so proud to be your Mommy!

I love you Grayson Michael

Love Mommy
My favorite crinkly nose smile


Singing Old McDonald had a farm

Helping your kangaroo color

He was showing me how to be a crocodile

Ahh my sweet sleeping boy