Happy Monday

I'm not really happy it's Monday because that means I'm back at work while my boys are home still snuggles under blankets on the couch. However I'm trying to be positive.

Here are some bullet points of our life lately and the goings on.

Grayson is potty trained even at night and during nap! High five to no more diapers!!
He had his 2.5 year check up (insert crying face here why does he have to get big?) He is a doing wonderful but of course didn't say 2 words to the doctor until she was about to leave and then he names off all colors of the rainbow and counted to 10. That kids drives me crazy because he talks non stop but if he gets shy he will not speak at all. He had to get a flu shot and did not even wince or cry at all. So that earned him ice cream after dinner. Love this little underwear wearing boy!

We picked apples again this weekend and it was perfect because it was 60 and sunny and that is the perfect time to pick apples. We also enjoyed homemade donut!

Grayson now gets to do show and tell at school once a week on Wednesday's and he chose this tractor and rock to take to school. #suchaboy

Our Bills are 1-1 and while I wish we would have slaughtered Tom Brady and Patriots I will say that we played arguably the best team in NFL and only lost by one score. That's not bad for a team that last year was not so great. In all reality we could only have 1 loss this year. We will see. I'm a die hard Bills fan and that will never change. 

Last week this was my Jesus Calling and man did I need to hear it. Sometimes I get caught up in the planning that I miss the true joy! So I have been trying to let God figure out the details a little bit more lately.

And it was 47 when I woke up today! Welcome Fall!