Awesome weather weekend!

This weekend was great. I loved everything about it!

Friday I grabbed my nugget from school and we headed to the store. I needed dog food and decided to make a treat with Grayson after dinner so Michael could mow the lawn. I decided on this cake from Mix and Match Mama and oh my word everyone needs to make this! It was delicious and is already gone from my house in 3 days. Everyone that tried it loved it. Plus Grayson loved making a "supise for daddy just because I yove him" Melt my heart!


Swimming lesson day! My Mom is a rock star and offered to come with me to help and take pictures of us since I would be going in the pool with him.I'm so glad she did because I was the parent that forgot a towel. So before classes started she ran across the street to Rite Aid and grabbed a beach towel for us. 
Grayson was so apprehensive. There were no tears so that's a huge win in my book, and he had been talking about going back to swimming lessons non stop so I'm hoping next week he will make participate more. 

After swim lessons my sister called and asked to come play with Grayson I told her only if she took him to the playground so I could mop my floors! hahaha she said of course and she took him for about an hour. I spend the first 10 min drinking a warm cup of coffee and then I got down to business and vacuumed and mopped all my floors and picked up the 8046541 toys G had gotten out earlier. I grabbed quick shower and got out just as they pulled in.

I fed G lunch (which mother of the year here I let him eat cake and fruit for lunch hey your only 2 once) I gave him a quick dip in the tub to rinse off the chlorine and playground dust (he loves to play in the stones) and then he was down for a nap just as my Dad got there to sit with him while I went to my sisters flower appointment. It went fabulous and then on a whim we ran across the street to the bridal shop and I tried on some bridesmaids dresses. I think we might have found one and if it is the one I'm so happy it was comfortable!

I got home a little after 2 and Grayson was just waking up and shortly after Michael came home. They headed outside while I did dishes and threw in some laundry. Then Dennis and Marie came over for some dinner and quality hang out time. Grayson loves being outside and so he was all over the 4-wheeler and picking the girls flowers.

We got some of his toys outside and bought sand for his sand box. I re-organized the toy room/dining room and cleaned the floors again. Then once Michael got home they headed outside to check out the sandbox and get ready for his cousins to come over.

May 3 is the anniversary of my Grandfathers passing. The night he passed we were all exhausted and starving so we went to a little dive bar to have a drink for Papa and food. We have gone to that bar every single year since then and had a 7&7 for Papa. My mom never goes because she didn't go that first year and now she stays with the kids. 

We got home from dinner and the kids were in that tub and they were so dirty we had to change that water twice. They earned their bath that night!

It was such a wonderful weekend being outside and spending time with people we love.

This week is no less busy. We have hair cuts a pool party (at a hotel) painting classes and Mothers Day!

Happy Monday