This that and the other

This weekend was uneventful.....

We relaxed, we played, we drank, we ate you know the usual.

 Here are just some highlights

-Grayson can move through the room by "crawling" when I say crawling I mean he pulls his bottom half with his top half. So he pretty much looks like Lt. Dan after he lost his legs, when he is going through his drunk phase pre new legs.

-We went out and had a few drinks on Saturday it was our friends birthday and my mom came and sat with G while he slept. I swear that Grayson knows when momma has a few drinks because he woke up for an hour at midnight. This from a kid who has slept through the night alllll week long!

-Michael made me chicken. I love his grilled chicken.

-I took Grayson's pictures for our Christmas cards. It came down to two that we all loved. We voted it was a split so we called my aunt and gave her the final say. I'm ordering them today!

-Starting my prep for my juice cleanse tomorrow. And then I will be starting with the 3-day and then after that the 7.

-Grayson will be 8 months old tomorrow cue tears and me telling my husband that I want another small(er) squishy baby. And him telling me that he will never touch me again or that he will hide birth control in my cheese.

-We had Sunday dinner at my mom's house and she made mac-n-cheese and I ate a ton. However proud of myself that I skipped the pudding

-OK I will be honest I had to skip it because Michael got hives from god knows what and we had to rush home to get benadryl. He is so high maintenance.

-There are some exciting things in the works that could mean huge changes for our family. I'm praying hard and putting my trust in God that he knows the ultimate plan and that is all I can do.

Happy Monday! My prayers go out to all that have been affected by the extreme weather over the weekend.