8 months

Dear Grayson,
Bubba you neeeeeed to stop growing. But on the other hand keep it up we can't wait to see who you will be. Your personality is really shinning through more and more. It's kind and goofy. And let me just say your amazing. You have this look you give when you first see daddy or mommy and my heart in a puddle on the floor. You make my heart grow bigger every day baby boy.

Sleep has been good. There is a night every now and then that you think it's time to wake up at 12:15. We work through it and then your back on track. You sleep from 7:00 to 6:00-7:00. You still sleep with music on from your sleep CD and we are thinking about changing it up a little big to something other than the heart beat.

Eating, well chubba wubba you love food. You eat a full stage 2 container of fruit and a full stage 2 container of a "dinner" every day. You get 2-8oz bottles and 1-6oz. bottle. You also get a yogurt and about 4oz. of water each day. Puffs are quickly becoming part of your after dinner snack. However you do everything you can not to use your hand like pushing them close to the edge of your tray and then "licking" them up. Some would call it lazy but we will go with creative. You dropped a bottle this month and it fa-reaked Momma out but you seem happy and content and your still growing.

9-12 month are still what you wear. I got a comment the other day that I don't dress you like a baby. I think that one day this will work to my advantage when you look back at baby pictures and your not wearing a baby blue jumpsuit with flying elephants and owls holding balloons on it. You will look at me and say "Thanks mom for dressing me like a regular person".

Your teeth came in full force! You have 2 bottom teeth that you don't like to show anyone. If someone asks to see them you become an expert at the stink eye and close your lip tighter than a vault at the casino. However if we don't mention the teeth and can get you to laugh then there they are. Crawling also started. It's really more like the worm and it takes you quite some time to get where you want to go but you still get there. I know with in the next few weeks if not days you will be zipping around the house chasing your fur brother so much he will be begging for a kennel.

You still love to pay with all your toys and books grab your interest quickly although now you like to chew on them all the time. Your jumper is one of your favorites but now you cry sometimes when we put you in it. I think it's because you think we are walking out of the room which you hate but once you realize we are staying you act like a drunk college kid on a trampoline jumping in the air. We allow you to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse once a day and this is the only way we can get out of the room to do things like make your bottle and change the laundry. When we watch it with you your like to snuggle it makes daddy and I both melt because it's such a sweet moment. You pull yourself up on you knees and then yell as loud as you can. Once we look at you, you will sit back down on your bottom and smile. We get it kid you like to be the center of attention.

Grayson Michael we love you more than words can say. You bring us the most joy and we cannot wait to see you grow and learn. I'm proud to be your Momma and to have such an amazing kind hearted lovable little boy!
Love Momma

And now the pictures......

Smiles for Momma

Sticking his tongue out at momma
He might hate me for it later but I die over these pictures



5 seconds later he tried to crawl over the arm of the chair

Smiles with momma
My favorite picture eva

Helping me with laundry
Cleaning the dogs teeth
He was pissed that I was singing to him so I got the stink eye
Looking at car magazines with Daddy and so the obsession begins

Daddy dressed him this day and he is wearing floods

Love that smile

It's a Grayson hat!