A day in my life!!!

These float around blog land all the time so I figured why not?

The say is September 11, 2014. Grayson is (almost)18 months old.

3:35 am- My alarm goes off. It's not for me it's for Michael, I make sure he is up and roll back over. I have set a backup alarm for him since we got married and it goes off Wednesday through Sunday. He gives me a kiss and tucks me back (I know it's weird it's just our thing that he makes sure I'm all snuggled in)

4:23- I hear G on the monitor and just as I'm about to drag myself to his room I hear him settle down. Back to sleep for both of us. I also make a mental note to move my photos onto my computer because ahhhh I'm out of storage!

5:18- 2 minuets before my alarm Grayson is up for good. I go in his room and grab him for a few min's of snuggles in my bed.

5:30- Michael calls to make sure we are awake. We talk about his route for the day what time he expects to be out and how late Grayson slept.

5:40- Back into G's room we go to get his clothes for the day and kiss his owl bank 100 3 times and head downstairs

5:45- It's snack and water for Grayson while watching a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I feed Riley, start my coffee and pick out my outfit.

6:00- I get dressed, do my hair, and makeup. Pack my food up for the day make my coffee ( I had to use Michael's to-go mug since I forgot mine at work the day before) and then pack up the car. I always check on Grayson before I throw the stuff in the car just to make sure he is still mesmerized by Mickey and not pulling every tissue out of the box.

6:15- It's time to dress G dressed. He watches Mickey while I change is diaper and get him dressed and put his shoes on. He throws out his diaper and we get out Riley's treat for the day ( our dog is spoiled and gets a treat every time we leave the house) I let Riley in we give him the treat and head out the door.

6:18- In the car and ready to go to daycare. It's super dark this morning so no picture in the car but G just chills in the back and we call Michael and talk to him all the way to work. I'm halfway to work and my gas light dings I have to go out of the way a little to fill up but I am ahead of schedule.

6:38-We pull into daycare and our new favorite song is on. Gonna Wanna Tonight by Chase Rice. I ask G if he wants to go to school and shakes is head yes and points to the school I get him out of his car seat and kiss him good bye. I do it now because he either freaks out when I leave or ignores me so we say our goodbyes in the parking lot. I carry him inside the first set of doors and set him down while I sign him in ( we have a super secure daycare that requires a finger print scan and a password to log a child in and open the door to the school, and only parents/ guardians can have a finger print scan so everyone else must get buzzed and show ID to pick up a child)

6:40- I get G to his class room and he just lets go of my hand and runs in to start playing with the older kids that are in there. This part makes my Momma part proud and sad a little he is so independant already

6:43- I get to work. It's so nice that it is right down the road.

6:45 I open up the building and get upstairs and turn my computer on and then go back down to make coffee. I check e-mails and make my list for the day.

7-3:30- I work, it's pretty boring and most of what I do deals with confidential information so no pictures for this chunk of time. I will say I work in a casual, small office so it's nice that I can wear jeans and t-shirts everyday and my schedule is flexible although I operate at a 7:00-3:30 98% of the time. However when things come up like Dr's appointments I can work it out and be able to go.
(I'm so not a fashion blogger and this was my attempt at an outfit pick lol, please note the monster on my bathroom floor #boymom)

3:33- I get G from school.

Snack time is at 3:30 so I generally show up just before or during so we take snack to go today it was oatmeal cookies and he loved it so much but he was a total mess 

4:05 We get home and there is a package it's Grayson's owl 
Ok so here is the story on the Owl. When I was little my Papa got me an owl bank that said "be wise save" My parents found this bank when they were remodeling the upstairs and gave it to me to put in Grayson's room. I love it because it's a piece of my Papa that he has never gotten to meet. Anyway he loves this thing. He has to kiss it everytime we go in the room and now he has started to want to carry it around, only problem it's ceramic so after a brutal melt down because he wanted to sleep with the Owl bank I bought him and Owl stuffed animal for him to be able to carry around and have in his crib with him.

I light my candle and get started on dinner. 

5:00-We had meatloaf and rice and I didn't take a single picture. #bloggerfail

5:30- We get our picks in for football for the week and send in our picks for our sudden death pool.

6:00- T-25 today. I workout while the boys go upstairs and play guitar
6:30- I jump in the shower because I'm super gross after that workout

6:40-I'm out of the shower and the boys are back downstairs. Grayson is running around with is owl and watching Doc McStuffins. We hang out and read books

7:00 It's Tubby time for G and I am left with the aftermath of the night. I pick up and start to get things around for the next day

7:25- He is out of the tub and all dressed for bed. He finishes his milk and we head upstairs for bed.

7:30- He is in bed and so am I. Michael and I watch TV and catch up on our day

8:47 and it's lights out for me.

Hope everyone enjoyed!!! I plan to do a weekend day soon too since it is so different!