A different kind of night

Last night Michael went to play guitar so after dinner that left me alone with Grayson. I'm super blessed because this happens 2 maybe 3 times a month so when be does go I just suck it up.

So last night after dinner Michael left and Grayson and I got to playing. We read a million books he ran like a crazy person from the dining room back to the living room and then repeat. He dumped his shoe bin and ripped every book off his shelf.

He started losing it around milk time (6:30) so I got his sippy and turned on Mickey. Normally this is when I start to pick up but since it was just me and my boy I snuggled him on the couch.With an (almost)18 month old snuggles are few and far between because my boy is always on the go.

Then into the bath we went. We put almost every bath toy in the tub had lots of bubbles and sang silly songs. Then we got our comfy's on and up to bed he went. I came back down and decided I had earned a little treat so I had a handful of M&M's. Then I jumped in the shower.

As I was getting ready to head up to bed I remembered I had not picked up any of our mess. The dining room was trashed and so was the living room. But on this night I let it go. The mess would be there tomorrow. I was ready to go up stairs and relax for once while watching my new obsession Jersey Belle.

I'm not going to lie it sucked a little bit waking up and having the house be trashed but I smiled remembering the memories we made and the few moments of peace and quiet I had.