Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was awesome. It always takes me a while to adjust after being away from home so this long weekend came at a perfect time.

Friday night was our 5 year anniversary and my sweet husband made me dinner. Fillet Mignon and homemade potato chips. It's my favorite meal he cooks so when he asks me what I want for a special meal that's what I choose. We had some wine and just hung out with G. It was perfect.

Saturday was a day just for me and my boy. It was hot hot hot so we stayed inside and just hung out. We played and read a million books it was wonderful. When he took a nap so did I. Then we got up and waited for Michael to come home.

Sunday was another scorcher here and so we played outside in the early morning and then after his nap we went apple picking! I mean I die over these pictures of my sweet baby

Monday my sister came over for the day and Michael and I went on a 4 wheeling ride. We rode over 30 miles, fell in a huge mud puddle once and got stuck once but it was a blast!

Last night I went and got my haircut and picked up pizza for dinner and since it was gloomy and rainy it was just what the doctor ordered. I started a new fitness challenge that is a hybrid between Piyo and T-25 and I'm so excited about it!

Happy Hump Day everyone!