Friday Favorites- Football/Fall Edition

The weather this last week is officially fall. I love it. I love hoodies and jackets but still being able to wear my flip flops! I'm sure our Indian summer will still come but for now I'm lighting my candles and snuggling in my blankets.

Now onto my Favorites!

I'm linking up with Andrea so lets get started!


Best football moment 
Our Bills WON!!!!! I love love love Football and on Sunday's it is on from 12:30 in the afternoon until we go to bed at night. It was a little bit of a nail biter but we took the W in overtime and I'm hoping that we keep the momentum going. 

Our Bills officially have new owners!!!! It was a sad day in Buffalo when Ralph Wilson passed away. He was the only owner our Billy Goats had ever had and so there were a lot of fears that when they were sold they would be leaving our beloved city. So thankful that Mr. Pegula (who owns the Buffalo Sabres as well) had the winning  bid and pending final NFL commission approval our Bills will remain in Buffalo and we could not be happier!

I'm loving these comfy's for the cooler weather we are having now to convince my husband that I need them!
Buffalo Bills ’47 Brand Womens Pep Rally Pants – Royal Blue

Favorite Fall moment this week was getting to have all my fall candles going and smelling the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin wafting through my house. I cannot get enough of that candle!

And last but not least getting to put G in his new kicks and fall jacket! He looks way to grown up for my liking but so cool at the same time. 

Happy Friday everyone!