Starting from last Thursday

Last Thursday was Grayson's 18 month check up. Michael got out of work early so he headed home to mow the lawn and get some outdoor things taken care of so I went on this mission solo.

I grabbed G from daycare and we ran to tops for some freezer containers and then went through the Tim Horton's (poor mans Starbucks here in WNY) for some water (for him) a fruit smoothie (for me) and a Tim Bit (donut hole). We got to the doctors and we were a few mins late and so I just grabbed my purse and a few toys and we headed into the office. Well we are in there waiting for James to come and what does my kid do? He poops!!! I sent a text to my husband freakig out and was just about to run out and grab his diaper bag when James came in.

Only my kid. Other than the #2 diaper Grayson is doing awesome. He is right on track developmentally and is perfect for height and weight. 25.5 pounds and 31.5 inches. He got a new book at the doctors that he loves and helped distract him from the flu shot. He cried for a little bit but other than that he was fine. Now we don't go back until he is 2!!!!!!! When did my baby get so big?

Anyway I get in the car and call Michael and I can tell from his voice immediately that something is wrong. On Thursday my father-in-law (Papa Joe) had a heart attack. He drove himself to the hospital in the morning because of chest pain (that he had been having since SUNDAY!!) and when he got there they confirmed that he did have a heart attack and had to transport him to a bigger hospital for an angiogram. He was transferred to Mercy Hospital and had the angiogram done right away. We got to the hospital right around 6:45 and were only there for a few mins when they said we could back and see him. He was still looped up but they had successfully put in a stint. He had a 99% blockage. It took us about 2 hours to get him in his room. We did not get home until after midnight and of course G got up at 4:30 so I headed to work with only 3 hours of sleep.

Friday I worked half a day and Michael picked me up and we went to the hospital. Papa Joe was feeling better but had a pretty serious talk with the doctor about some lifestyle changes he had to make (quit smoking!!) he agreed to them all and we got him set up with our primary care doctor since it had been 6 years since he had been to the doctor. We found out he had really high cholesterol and is borderline diabetic. All things that can be changed with diet. We left the hospital around 4 and headed to grab some dinner. Then we ran to Target and I got some new clothes since they were having a sale and we were trying to stay close to hospital waiting for the doctor to call regarding an appointment. After that we headed to my parents house to get Grayson. We gave him a bath there and then went home and crashed.

Saturday Michael went up to the hospital solo. Joe was coming home that day and we both decided that it would be best if one of us stayed with Grayson. I went to my mom's and we made homemade sauce. Joe was released and after going to two different pharmacy's to get his prescriptions Michael had him all settled. I ran home and grabbed Michael and then we went back to my parent's house for dinner.

Sunday we loaded up the lawn mower and went to Joe's to mow his grass and take care of the yard. Grayson and I walked the circle with Joe (he lived in the cute culdisac that is a full circle and my grandmother used to live in there as well so I grew up spending tons of time there and when we are there it's like coming home). He told me it finally hit him that he had a heart attack and that he was going to listen to the doctors. Huge relief. We got G home in time for lunch and nap and then we relaxed for a bit worked on laundry and once Grayson woke up we headed out for some apple picking which was a blast.

Today Michael is taking him to our primary doctor for a physical and getting him all set up. Plus he need a lot of screenings done.

I'm just to thankful that he is okay!

Here is to getting back into our normal routine and a semi quite week!