Layin down the weekend

Friday- Grabbed Grayson from daycare and headed to my Aunt's house. We went to say goodbye to my cousin who is leaving for the navy today. He is nervous but excited for the new chapter in his life. We promised him letters and pictures and I can't wait to see the man that this experience helps form. After we left there I grabbed dinner because once Friday comes I'm over cooking. Thank goodness I had the right mind to budget a take out night!!! We went home and snuggled up in some blankets while we watched a movie. Then I we put G down and Michael and I worked out. I'm really starting to see results from the shred!

Saturday- We got up and sent Libby Lou this picture......

Then we started to groove on some laundry and house chores. G went down for a nap and I vacuumed all the floors. Then we played are little hearts out until his afternoon nap. Then I just relaxed while he slept. Then Michael came home and we ate dinner and got ready for the birthday party. Libby got a rabbit and she loves it!!! Here are some pictures from the party

Watching football with Uncle Tommy

Sunday- We relaxed. And watched football of course.
G learned this new face.

Then decided to fix the wheel on his highchair

Then watched football with his best buddy.

Then we headed over to my parents house for stuffed peppers and apple cake for dessert. I meal planned and am going to do my shopping today. So far so good I'm sticking to my budget and our bank account is thankful.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and have a wonderful Monday!

I just love this little boy!