Hump Day

It's Wednesday!!! Half way through I can do it I can make it through.

Grayson woke up in the middle of the night last night screaming! Now normally this kid self soothes with the best of them but I'm afraid that teething may be the culprit so I gave him 2 Hylands teething tablets. They say they are instant but it took him a good half an hour to get back to sleep. He did stop crying right within minuets of taking them so I think they work.

I got my haircut last night and then we had volleyball so I feel like I did not get to see G at all. I can't wait to pick him up today and love on that baby.

I may not have mentioned this but my bestie is getting married in a year and it is starting to be wedding craziness. I know it's a year away but the good spots go that fast. So far she has the reception hall booked and rooms blocked off which I think is half the battle. I'm beyond excited for her.

Speaking of wedding I'm going to attempt to make her a personalized hanger. I know you can get them on etsy for $25 to $40 but I did some research and I think I can make it for about $6 so that is a pretty big savings.

2 more weeks of volleyball and then we are done. To be honest I'm ready for a break we have been playing every Tuesday since May and a break will be nice. However my mother still insists on having G for a few hours once a week all to herself so Michael and I will have to find something to do.