5 on Friday

Linking up once again for the fabulous 5 on Friday!!!

Nylon Blanket
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We just ordered this for G and we love it. He has a play mat that he loves but he is on the move so much now that he rolls off of it with in .25 seconds. This blanket is big enough and easy to wipe down. Plus when he outgrows it, it turns into a cooler!!! I mean talk about double duty.

This shirt
Graphic Long-Sleeve Bodysuits for Baby

I cannot wait to put this on Grayson when he sees my dad next.  It is so rare to find something that says Papa and not Grandpa. I could not order this fast enough

Apples. I have been eating them everyday since we went apple picking and cannot wait to make an apple cake this weekend!

Fresh baked bread. A new shop called The Bread Basket opened and we walked in and got a loaf straight out of the oven! It smelled divine and tasted even better with our dinner. OK full disclosure it was my dinner! I can't wait to try the other goodies they have there.

This picture......be still my heart

Is there anything better than a sleeping baby.

Happy Friday everyone!! Enjoy the weekend! And go Bills!