Half a year

I have had this wonderful little man in my life for HALF A YEAR!!!!! I just about die every time I think about it.

Dear Grayson.
Where do I even begin my sweet baby boy. Even at 6 months you are very sensitive. When someone is sad, so are you, when we are happy you have the biggest smile. I know it seems weird to say but you are very in tune with peoples emotions. Just the other day Momma got some sad news and was upset I know you could tell and you reached out and touched my face and gave me the best smile. All my sadness melted away and all was right in my world. You will be a helpful, selfless person when you grow up because you are already like that now. You are fiercely independent and like to play on your mat. However there are times where you just want to cuddle and we soak up those moments like a sponge.
You are also a big boy. We have your 6 month check-up on Monday so I will update with those stats when be get them but I'm guessing your a whomping 20 lbs by now. It's OK we love your chunk and rolls. Speaking of rolls you roll your way around. You are very close to crawling and I'm sure anytime now you will be zooming around. You eat cereal twice and day and veggies and fruit once a day. You get 4-5 bottles a day and you NEVER miss a meal. You started holding your own bottle this month and that may or may not have brought Momma to tears. Your acid reflux is 99% better and you just have small moments of spit up but no more than a teaspoon so we will take it. You are still sleeping through the night 90% of them time but when you do wake up it's usually only one time and you mostly self soothe.
We fear you are teething and that is the reason for the blood curdling screams in the middle of the night. But you always wake up in the morning happy greeting us with smiles and coos. Your in 9 month clothing and are pushing slowly into 12 months. It's all good because you look adorable in everything you wear. You have finally gotten on somewhat of a nap schedule usually we get 2 one hour naps a day and we roll with it when you sleep longer.  You have many nicknames and some of them make no sense but we love it. The list includes: G, Gray, Graycers, Gracerpants, Gracer the racer, G man, Moneybutt, Moneyunderpantsboy (that one is all your daddy), and bubbie lou (that one is all your momma).
Bottom line is baby boy you are loved so so much. Watching you learn and grow makes Momma and Daddy's heart overflow with love. You melt hearts with your nose scrunching smile and the way you wrap your hands around someones neck you can see how much it warms their heart. I know how blessed I am to be your Momma and watch you grow. I love you more than words can say baby boy!
Love Momma

The above picture is what happens when we sing to him he flings his arms around and rocks out!

Yup the dog just walked in the room and he is done looking at Momma for pictures

Don't you just love the blurry arms!!