Weekend the re-mix

So Friday we relaxed. My sister stopped by to love on Grayson. She misses him since she is not with him 3 days a week at daycare. We played with G and then went into our bed time routine.

Saturday G slept until 7. Ate is bottle which he now holds on his own (insert small tear here because he doesn't need momma anymore) Then he was back asleep by 8:15. He never naps after is first bottle but momma rolled with it. I cleaned the living room top to bottom. Did 2 loads of laundry. Shower and drank my cup of coffee. He woke up at 9:50!!!! That is an almost 2 hour nap which was majorly awesome. Then we are cereal, got dressed and went shopping with Gigi. We hit up Maurice's so Gigi could get a few tops for school. I did not buy one thing!!!! So proud of myself sticking to my budget! Then we went to Target to get Libby's birthday presents because she will be 8 on 9/14. It seems like yesterday she was just born oh time slow the eff down.
Anywho a little side story, back at the end of June there was a water main break one street over from where my brother and sister-in-law live. Long story short their basement flooded and ruined a lot of the kids toys. Thankfully Lib's baby doll's were up stairs but all of her baby clothes were not.End of side story
So for her birthday I hit up the clearance rack at Target to snag some baby swag. I got her 4 outfits for her baby for $6.00. I also have a package of diapers to give her that we never used for G. She will be so excited. I also got her a cute little cardigan, and a couple t-shirts that were on sale for $1.50 a piece. Score and score. My mom of course went bat ish crazy and bought Gray 4 onsies and a pair of jimmy jams. Then we scooted over to Wegmans. I love this store but it is so far away so it is a treat to go. My hubby gave me a budget of $20.00 for the party and I only went over by $5.00. Which just so happened to be a few bottles of beer so it was OK. Grayson looked like this

Then we came home and hung out with daddy. It was just a great day.

Sunday was grandparents day so we had to send them this 

Then we went apple picking 

Then we came home G took a quick nap while I finished getting ready for Tracy and Christ to come over for some football!!!! Here is the good news bad news part. We did not take any pictures. Good because we were just in the moment enjoying family, bad because G looked way to cute in is Bills jersey. We had awesome food. Loaded nachos, loaded fries, chip and dip (Bison dip the only way we roll), meatballs subs, and hot dogs. Oh yeah and lots and lots of beer!!!! And even though our Bill's lost they played good and we will get the W next week. We are all still in our sudden death pool so bring on the pressure of picking another team! 
I checked off some of my September goals already so that was good. 
Happy Monday everyone!!!