Randomness and the weekend

FOOTBALL!!!! I'm beyond excited I love football.

As of right now we really have NOTHING planned for this weekend. Although let me just say that can change at the drop of a hat. I had just finished typing that when my hubby called me.

Well there are a few things planned. Sunday is Grandparent's Day and I plan on taking Grayson over to visit my parents. I want to try and get his footprints on a card for them. We will see that boy rides a bicycle every change he gets so getting the whole foot on paper thing could be a challange.

Watch the eff out we are having a little gathering for the first Sunday of football!!! Beer and yummy food!!! I can't wait.(this is what my hubby just called me about!)

Being on a very strict grocery budget I'm already thinking of what I can make for said football party. The wheels are a turning because I do NOT want to blow my budget the very first month. Meatball subs anyone?

Knock on wood and fingers crossed baby G is still sleeping through the night. I mean I do not even wake up at all!!! I'm getting such good rest and so is the hubby. However in the last few nights he has been fighting going to sleep. I think that last night was because of teething. But once he is out he is out until 6 am so he averages 10-12 hours a night.

I have my porch all prepped and ready for the fall decor!!! So excited.......maybe I will take a trip on Saturday and get some pumpkins, hay bale's, and mums.

I have been setting daily goals for myself to get done. Simple things around the house like pack up the garden decor, scrub bathroom, put away the laudry. And it has helped me feel less overwhelmed. My hubby has even started doing the same thing and we write it all on the white board on the fridge. It keeps us accountable and when we get to erase something we feel accomplished. Even if it is as simple as wash bottles.