Tuesday Randoms


I have been getting up and working out before work and I love it. Still humping along on the 30 day shred.

In relation to that I hate Jillian Michaels but I love her we have a complicated relationship.

I get my hair cut today!!! And my eyebrows waxed! Praise the Lord because I'm starting to look like a sesame street character with my brows.

Speaking of hair I have long hair and I love it but recently G thinks it is his own personal jungle gym and likes to hang from it with both hands and his feet. So now my long hair must always be up when that monkey is around.

We went apple picking this weekend and I'm la loving having the fresh apples. We will be going back and getting more so make and freeze mini apple pies and make baby G some applesauce.

 It is warm out today!!! Squeezing out the last of the shorts weather. But by the weekend back into the 60's and low 50's yuck but at least I can put G in his vest again!

I love Blake Shelton nothing else needs to be said about that

Grayson is so much more aware. He has always been an alert baby but he has to touch everything now. It is so cute but also a pain because this includes my face and hair and sometimes he is not gentle.

G would not fall asleep last night because he could not take his eyes off of Monday night football. So we had to go upstairs and he was out within 30 seconds. Yup he is such a boy

Happy Tuesday everyone!