My sister has left her job at the daycare because she got a better job offer closer to her house and more money. I'm not upset with her at all but I didn't realize how hard it would be for me to drop G off without her there. I cried for the first time ever. Could be my hormones still being legit a mess who knows but I ugly cried in the parking lot of Tim Hortons for what seemed like forever saying to my husband over and over again, " I didn't even know the girl who was taking him out of his carseat, what if they don't burp him, what if he cries and they don't know how to comfort him, oh my gosh I want to stay home with him". Thank God my husband is a saint and just let me wail and then it passed and he was happy when we picked him. What can I say I'm a mess.

It's starting to get cooler here and I'm semi excited. I la love fall. The colors, the apples, the fall smell, the cooler weather. But I don't like the shorter days.

I have held true to my Septemeber 1st date. I ran twice this weekend. I did not make it into the gym but I still worked out. Yesterday I started the 30 day shred and plan on doing that in the morning before I go to work and then walking and/or going to the gym after work. It feels good.

Football starts this weekend!!! I'm beyond excited. I love football. We have it on allllll day Sunday. I can't wait to start putting G in his football gear.

It freaked me out the other day thinking about the fact that this time last year I was pregnant!! I then freaked myself out further remebering that Grayson has almost been with us for half a year!!! I mean come on that can't really be possible.

We have decided to start meal planning and saving as much money on groceries as possible. We have taken a look at our budget and have been spending an insane amount on food. The wasting stops now. It's nice to meal plan because that is how we were spending money. We would just fly by the seat of our pants for dinner and I was at the store 3-5 time a week buying one dinner at a time at $25 to $30 a trip that is just way to much. So meal planning and coupon clipping it is and I'm determinted to cut our grocery budget in half.