Somethings on Friday

It's Friday and I have never been more excited for the weekend. Bullet points seem to be the way I post now so here is goes.

1- We leave for our anniversary trip tomorrow!!! I cannot wait for 3 nights away with just my husband away from the house! We have big plans to sleep in and have no schedule. Since we all know with kids it's all about the schedule.

2- I'm so super thankful that my parents are taking G while we are gone. I will miss that nugget love like crazy but I know he is in good hands and being spoiled.

3- I got my first order of fall candles from Bath and Body works yesterday and cannot wait to start burning them. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin has been my jam now for years and I tried a new one for me the Warm Carmel Cider!  They are on sale right now 2/$22 so get ya some plus!!!! $1 shipping with a $25 order so throw in a hand soap and get awesome shipping.

4- My baby boy is moving up a room at daycare!!! Again!!! September 3 he will be starting in Toddler 1. I'm excited for this transition but was super hormonal and kept saying that he is not a toddler yet and it was too soon. I think it is time for a backpack since he will have a cubby in the hallway! Ahhhhh!

5- It's Friday which means takeout, ice cream and lots of packing.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!! I won't be back until Wednesday!