Can I tell you a secret?

Or can I confess some things?

My baby is sick. Ear infection, pink eye, and sinus infection. Plus just for good measure he is teething and he just drools non stop. I was holding him the other night and he drooled on me and I looked at my shirt and I had a flashback to when my boobs used to leak at the end of my pregnancy, I freaked for a second and then realized it was just from the vat of drool that it my child.

I almost went ape on a nurse practitioner last night because she tried to put my child on 2 antibiotics that do not work for him. One he his immune too the other oh yeah that's right he is allergic!!! Read his effing file before you get all willie nillie prescribing shit. I made the office lady note in our file that we do NOT want to EVER be seen by said NP.

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday and I still feel guilty that I missed her dinner because of having to taking G to the doctor. We still made it for cake and she totally understood but it still bothers me.

I have made 2 cakes in 3 days and I was supposed to make a third but opted for store bought once I saw my schedule and good thing too since G was so sick last night.

My DVR is backing up. We have been so busy that I'm behind on all my shows and it's starting to affect me on a day to day basis. It's like I neeeeed the mind numbing reality trash to be able to decompress at the end of the day

I have fallen of my WW band wagon this week. Between date night with my dad, my mom's birthday, Easter celebration and Monday night dinner with C&T It's off the chart. But today is a new day and I'm back on it like it's my job remember I have $25.00 on the line.

Michael and I have decided to take a trip for our 5 year wedding anniversary. It's not until August but I"m already obsessed and dreaming of it. I also stalk to inter web looking for things to do while we are there. I think I say to him at least twice a day "is it August yet?"

What do you have to confess?