Easter and things

The weekends are never long enough. Unfortunately I didn't win the lottery or find a crap ton of money so I'm back at work today.

Friday when I got out of work I ran some errands and grabbed the last minute things I needed for Easter Sunday. I picked up dinner for my whole family, picked up Michael and we headed down to my parents house. I was so excited to see G. I missed having him with me in the morning since he spent the night at my parents house. We ate dinner and then we did Easter baskets. My mom still hides eggs for all of us and does an Easter basket. Once that was done we dyed eggs. It was nice to have a low key Easter celebration with my parents

Saturday I had to run G to the doctors. He was having some issues but they are all cleared up now and all is good. Then around 3:30 Chris called and said his sister was in town and wanted to know if we all wanted to get together for dinner. We headed to the DRI which is supper awesome bar/restaurant. We got so many compliments on how good our sweet boy was. He just sat in his highchair and ate and played. The food was awesome and it was soo good to catch up with Kimberly. We only get to see her a few times a year so we always make time when she comes home.

Sunday we had a busy day. I had to make a cheesecake and put together G's basket plus my house was a mess. Grayson took a two hour morning nap so that helped. I got all my little things done plus got to shower. Then we headed to my aunt's house which is around the corner for an egg hunt and dinner. G was so cute in his Easter outfit and picking up eggs. My Aunt has a really cool tradition where she hides silver dollars in the eggs. She gives each of the kids a glass piggy bank to hold all of the silver dollars. Since it was G's first year to participate in the hunt he got his piggy bank and his first 10 silver dollars. I'm so excited to collect these for him every year.

After dinner we were exhausted we came home and did baskets for the 3 of us and then just relaxed.

It was such a wonderful weekend and I'm so happy that I have the amazing family that I do.