The Easter basket without a basket

This will technically be Grayson's 2nd Easter and that poor deprived child still does not have an Easter basket.

Why? Last year I was 12 days out from having a toddler ripped from my mid-section. So to say I was a blob on the couch crying at everything would be an understatement. I was still recovering and trying to figure out why they let me take a baby home and how my body even grew a 10 pound 4 ounce baby. The last thing on my hormonal mind was an Easter basket. The only reason he had an Easter outfit was because my sister wanted to get it for him otherwise I'm sure it would have been PJ's the whole way.

Anyway this year I was all " We have to do an Easter basket for Grayson!". And then I got thinking about it. Dude does not need a ton of candy so let's do a practical basket.

And then I had the best light bulb moment ever.........let's get him the infant/toddler swing for his new swing set!!! Perfect I ordered it from Toys R Us.

Well crap that doesn't fit in a basket. So I decided to skip it. 1st of all he won't know the difference 2nd I can't decide what kind of basket I want. So now I have a whole year to make up my mind.

I got him some bath colors and new sippy cups and a few pj's and clothes for spring/summer. All of that will fit in the swing.

Grayson will also have a unique Easter experience because he will not get his "basket" until after dinner. Michael works Easter (because he works every Sunday) so we don't want to leave him out. In G's world the Easter bunny will come while we are having our ham. Then he can scurry off and find it. Or in this case since he will more than likely just crawl to the dog bed we will give it to him and he will lose interest in .25 seconds.

What does everyone else do for Easter?