Don't put your hands in your mouth!!!

Well our streak is ova. My nugget love has Hand Foot and Mouth.

He started pulling on his ears Sunday night but no sign of fever and was still eating. I figured it was just teeth no big deal.

Monday still being a goof ball and laughing like crazy but sleeping a little bit more again blamed the teeth.

Then  Monday night my fat boy refused his nighttime bottle. He only drank about 4 ounces when he would normally drink 13-15 ounces. I waited for the mid night wake up because he was hungry. Nope he only woke up once and then put himself back to sleep before I could waddle in there.

Yesterday was just a shit show. Thankfully my hubby was home with him. He was running a fever off and on and even with Tylenol he was still hovering around 99-101 which meant the fever was really high. Then he would not eat. All morning he only had a few puffs and 5 bites of applesauce. My kid normally eats a bowl of cereal and a million puffs before 10. This freaked me out so I called and got him in the doctors that day. I was expecting strep or maybe an ear infection. Nope Hand Foot and Mouth. Then I had a light bulb moment about a note I got home from daycare last week saying " Hey party people someone in the facility had Hand Foot and Mouth".

Side note- Could we come up with something better to call it? I refer to is as HFM it is less to say and sounds less creepy.

He had no spots on his hands or his feet but they said his throat was just really red and swollen and he some blisters in his mouth. Since then we have been pushing ice water and ice cold milk, pudding, frozen applesauce and anything else cold. He will eat puffs but only within the hour after getting Motrin. We have been giving him a mixture of Benadryl and Malox to help with his throat. I know it sounds crazy but that's what the Doctor said to do.

This means that I was on the phone calling for arrangements because he has to be fever free for 24 hours before he can go back to daycare. Thankfully my sister is off on Wednesday's. Michael is taking off tomorrow and I'm taking a half day on Friday with my dad watching him in the morning.

This is the only time that I curse my job because if I could stay home with him I'm sure our "sick" visits to the doctor would be much less.

Here's to hoping that he makes a quick recovery because sick babies break my heart