Dates with my Dad

My Dad and I have always been pretty close. He is the perfect parent. There when you need him but not overbearing on a day to day basis. He never wants to be a bother and is super relaxed about everything.

Back in the fall there was a Living Social deal for two photography classes at a cheap price. My dad has always loved photography and has a couple really nice cameras. I asked him to take the classes with me. Well you know life we just finally got around to it.

The classes were amazing. Way better and more than I thought they would be. Sometimes when they name a class camera basics I worry that it will be all this is how you turn on your camera. It was so much more than that.We learned how to take action shots use our ISO and shutter speed.

We had fun being together and we went out to dinner and just talked. It was a nice break in the week and nice to spend some one on one time with my Daddy.

We did get a few side eyes when we walked in. I know people were trying to figure out if we were an item or not because my Dad always has and always will call me sweetie or sweet pea those are his names for me. Somehow we worked in the conversation that he was my Dad and a few people went ohhhhhhhhh. I had to laugh.

We talked about taking some more classes together. I'm excited, it was so nice to go on a date with me Dad.