So What!

So what that I'm geekily excited that it is getting warmer out............

Being outside makes me happy. It makes me more active. This winter has been looooooooong. Too long for my liking and I'm just over it.

My boys are going stir crazy too. Grayson loves to be in his stroller. Lately we have been struggling I think it's just been too much togetherness in the house.

I cannot wait to get home tonight and get in a nice walk/run. I'm thinking about loading up and going to the park that has a nice trail by it and letting the boys play on the play ground while I run/jog/die.

Yesterday was beautiful and if I didn't have a date with my dad to go to photography class you bet your bottom dollar and your top one that I would have been outside.

I woke up so happy this morning just thinking about getting to be outside with my family. Plus flip flops are my favorite footwear and my feet are more than ready for them.

Happy Wednesday and be sure to link up with Shannon!