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I'm going to highlight the top 5 things I remember being popular in high school

1- AIM was life. I was cool and my away message used to be "Chillin like a Villan" or "Hanging out at Rachel's IM me on her name" We would spend hours talking back and forth about god knows what all while eating cookie dough, frosting, and slim jims. Ahhh to have that metabolism back

2- I wore these with socks almost every day of my 9th and 10 grade year. It's what all the cool / preppy kids did and I was so in that crowd. The entire basketball team dressed like this. It started because of sports it was just easier after a game to slip on the sandals because you were never allowed to wear your "sports shoes" off the court. But then we got lazy and wore them like that all the time. At least back then our socks matched.

3-My Cell phone looked like this and I had never heard of texting until I graduated high school.
I had this exact phone and thought I was so freaking cool.

4-Nelly- Enough said. Okay I will say more. It's getting hot in here was all the rage and we used to blast that ish like it was going out of style.

5-When this first aired we were addicted to it like crack heads. 20-30 of us used to get together every week to watch it and we would tape it too (before dvr was a staple in a house) then watch it over and over. I wanted to be LC so bad.