Follow through Friday

Follow through Friday is here and I'm getting down in funky town talking about my weight crap

It has been two weeks since I started Weight Watchers or as I like to call it the Dubbyou.

There have been a few days where I have just not tracked. Why? Because I ate like shit. Pizza, wings, cake 10 beers ya know how it goes. But for the most part I have been eating my daily points and about half of my weekly flex points. I do NOT track my activity in the app because I don't want to even be tempted by having that extra.

Now what you all care about. I started at 171 and now I'm down to 166.6. Boom! I'm firmly in the 160's and I have to be at 163 to win my $25 dolla make ya holla back. I think I can lose 3 pounds in 2 weeks.

Since the weather is nicer out lately the walking will begin. I'm hoping this will help shed the pounds. I have been doing my ab challenge when I can but I'm trying really hard not to be so tough on myself. My old habit was crap I missed a day now it dosen't even matter what I eat and then I would eat 3 candy bars. Now I'm not focused on a 100% but more like 85% if that makes sense.

If my eating has been on point but I didn't get to the ab challenge. That's ok.

My clothes are fitting better and I overall feel more confident. I have finally found my groove and what works for me!

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!