Nothing and Everything

I'm going to be honest this week has been a doozy and it's only Wednesday.

What's wrong?

Nothing and everything all at the same time.

I'm in a funk. It happens and it is what it is.

We have our little trip together coming up. Michael and I decided (when Grayson was born) that our anniversary was the one time a year that we would for sure go away, no matter what just the two of us and spend at least one night somewhere special. We have gone to Cleavland, Toronto and this year since our time is limited and so are funds we are staying at our local casino in Niagara Falls. My aunt got us the room so we just have to cover meals, and any spending we want to do. So we have been saving our pennies to be able to have a good time this weekend, and you know not worry about funds

I think that has put me in a funk. I'm so ready for some one on one time with Michael.

We need it bad. Not that him and I are in a bad place. No we are actually doing really good but we need to have a converstation without starting the same sentance 27 times because "mommmy I neeeed you!", or a baby starts crying.

We love our kids, like hard core love them. In fact (with my hormones being so crazy) I started crying on my way to work the other day because how blessed am I that God gave me these 3 little babes? See I'm so crazy.

Someone asked me the other day how my marriage was after twins and really its stronger. We have to communicate better because we dont have that much time to sit down and talk. We get aggrivated easier that is true because it seems like the shit hits the fan all at once and we take it out on eachother but we get over it so much faster. He legit said to me the other day " I don't want to sit and stew all day you telling me what to dress the kids in pisses me off just let dress them who cares" and he's right. I get overwhelmed, I try to control the dumbest things and it's just not worth it.

We have had to become even more of a team. We were good before but with just one kid (which how did I ever think that was hard?) we had a ton more freedom to get a ton of things done. Now our family motto is divide and conquer, okay let's get a plan. Seriously I say that a hundred times a day. Most days when I leave work our converstation starts like this "Okay here's the plan for tonight...." It works for us.

So having this weekend away is overdue and needed and has put me in a funk because I'm so excited for it now every day leading up to it is dragging big time. Oh yeah and my list of things to do/pack before Sunday is like a million miles long. Packing up twins to spend the night is a nightmare.

So what's wrong? Nothing and everything. Nothing is wrong because my life is great. But everything is wrong because I just want to get to Sunday already!