All the hormones

This pregnancy was so different mostly because when you have two babies you have twice the hormones. Seriously, I never thought that was true but I asked my Doctor and he said yup you have double.....everything. Joy.

I remember having swings after I was pregnant with Grayson. Mostly crying at the drop of a hat because he was growing up so fast. #crazymommy

Well having the babies just hit the 4 month mark and my hormones are out of control.

My hair is falling out. Seriously when I get out of the shower it looks like a small cat is sitting in the drain or hanging on the wall*. (* does anyone else get the hair off their fingers and then put it on the shower wall and swirl it around? No? Just me? Ok)

My ovaries feel like they are going to burst and I'm having pregnancy symptoms (No I'm not pregnant it's physically impossible at least it's supposed to be because those suckers are tied up) just like I did with Grayson around this time postpartum.

I'm tired all the time, and starving, and I cry because when I grabbed a handful of M&M's out of the bag I grabbed an un even number and now what I'm I going to do.

Michael walks in a room and asks if it's okay to enter because I'm that emotionally unstable. #itsfuntobemarriedtome.

But then I look at those babies and it's all worth it. My sweet sweet lovely babies.

My hormones even got the best of me the other day when I said I was sad that I would never be pregnant again. Michael looked at me and said "What?!?!?! We are done with babies, you said 3 was it, the twins were our last we both agreed, why are you changing your mind?!?!?!? You CAN'T change your mind your tubes are tied, I can't handle another baby I can hardly handle the 3 we have! Don't do this to me!!!!!"

Once he took a breath I explained that no I don't want any more babies I feel like the good Lord above as completed our family just the way it is but I will miss growing a baby. The kicks, the excuse to eat all the food, hearing a heartbeat. Ya know the fun part. However I won't miss the cankles, stretch marks, or the post partum things, like all the hormones that are making me crazy right now. If you see me in the grocery store crying, I'm okay really just throw me a tissue and run.