3 year old food issues

Ahhh there is nothing like a 3 year old who knows what they want. My 3 year old is particularly stubborn (he comes by it naturally from his father both of us)

Grayson was a big baby 10 pounds 4 ounces big. He come out eating 4 ounces every 4 hours and just went up from there.

We introduced rice cereal at 4 months, he loved it. We then went with fruits and veggies, also loved all of those. Then we graduated to the meals in a jar. Gobbled them up.

Then one day it all changed. He started refusing certain foods. So we switched it up.

Then his list of foods he would eat got smaller and smaller.

Now I can list out all the things he will eat and it's not that big. And forget getting him to try new foods.

So here is his list

Granola bars
Yogurt (he really loves my vanilla greek so that's mostly what he gets sometimes he begs for the Gogurts so I cave and buy those)
Nutrigrain bars
Veggie/Fruit pouches
Grapes (only purple because he's 3 )
Apples w/peanut butter
Peanut butter sandwiches
Graham crackers
Mini Muffins
Anything chocolate
Most cereals (favorites are Frosted flakes and Mini wheats)

That's it.

And yes there is no meat on that list. I have never seen my child eat meat. Except for that one time he took a bite of a chicken nugget. Other than that nothing. They used to tell me he ate meat at school then they caught him one day shoving his food over to the other persons plate, because my kids is crazy like that. So we have just recently started with Carnation Instant Breakfast daily. He thinks it is chocolate milk so win win. I give him half a serving twice a day.

I have tried it all to get him to eat. No such luck and so we act like it's not big deal anymore.
I have bribed, threatened, let him go hungry, hidden food, not let him drink anything during dinner. I have done it all and the only thing that did was make us both super stressed out and emotionally drained. So now we let him choose his dinner and limit treats and always always offer him what we are eating. He can take it or leave it but we just stopped battling. I realized I was giving food too much power and I was potentially creating a kid who would have major food issues.

I have to say we are all much happier this way.

A few other things
I don't think this is a texture issue, as you can see from this list
We have consulted a doctor and a nutritionist. The biggest thing they told us was a daily vitamin which we do.
I'm not sure if this is because of him having baby food for too long meaning I didn't offer him table food soon enough. I do plan on doing a little more of baby led weaning with the twins.
He is growing and healthy and smart. My doctor does think I'm crazy because I get upset that he won't eat grilled cheese or a hot dog or pizza because as she keeps pointing out to me those aren't the healthiest food ever.
I love my son more than words can say and I will do whatever is best for him.I guess his stubborness with food is payback for all those times I would sit at the table for hours over taking one bite of green beans ha!