Oils Oils Oils

I was about 3 weeks post partum with the twins when I had just gotten them to sleep and I heart my 3 year old still upstairs rooting around, calling my name. I remember in my hormonal/exhausted state googling "how to get my kid to sleep without drugging him" 

One night while holding a baby that just would not sleep and scrolling my Instagram I saw Jessica had a new page all about oils. I jumped over,scrolled through and then got distracted (story of my life)

A few weeks went by and then she had a post up about e-mail me and I will send you some info. So I didn't get distracted this time got her e-mail read through and bam I ordered a starter kit.

There were a few things that really interested me about oils but I was more than excited to get the diffuser. Well one day with that thing and I had 2 more on the way to my house because I needed one for each bedroom. Crazy maybe but necessary. I'm saving up for one for the downstairs babysteps.

So here are my top 3 oils right now. I just got some carrier oil to start dilluting to use on the babes and so I'm sure next week I will have even more things I'm loving. My plan is to do a once a month oil update (maybe twice a month?) what we have tried and loved and what we have tried and not loved so much. I'm going to be so honest with all this stuff and tell you exactly how I use it and how it has helped. Because too many time I see a blog that says I use these oils but it doesn't tell me how, or exactly what the affects are. Plus knowledge is power. I have done hours and hours of research (thankful for my phone and iPad because I can do all this while holding a sleeping baby on me!)

Stress Away- I added this to my Essential Rewards order because I need this all day everyday. I put the roller ball on and used it on my wrists and oh my word. I was in love. Plus I have started diffusing this in our bedroom at night. It smells amazing and really does help you relax. Michael and I have both said that we feel like we are more well rested in the time that we have been diffusing. Not that we are getting more sleep. No just no that's not the case, we both average about 5.5-6 hours a night but that we have been not feeling so drained in the morning.

Lemon- I'm a coffee drinker because I have 3 month old twins and a 3 year old but I need something to give me a boost of energy. So first thing in the morning I put 2 drops of lemon in my glass of water and drink that while I get ready. I mean I feel amazing! It just lightens me, it's hard to explain exactly. Plus it's supposed to help boost your  metablolism so hey anything the help shed the baby weight and trust me I have it.

Lavender-I don't want to jinx this but I'm going to say it anyway in hopes that it helps you guys too but I have been diffusing this in the kids' rooms and oh my word.

Here is the deal I bought the book Gentle Babies because this is one area that I wanted a ton of clarity. So for the Lavender what I do is diffuse a lesser amount in the twins rooms (only have 3-4ish drops) and run it for half an hour before they go to bed (i.e. they are not in the room yet) when I bring the first one up to bed I just shut the diffuser off. The room still smells like lavender all the next day! How has this helped well once they are in their beds for the night they have been self soothing a ton better. Now in Grayson's room I diffuse a few more drops (6 ish drops) and again let it run about 30-40 mins before he even goes in his room. Then we shut it off together when I bring him up to bed. Now prior to doing this I would have to go into that boys room 3-5 times before I could even get him to fall asleep and now? Not once. It really does relax him. Since it's only running a short amount of time the water and drops last me about 2 days and then I clean out the diffuser and start fresh. We have just started dilluting to use toppicaly and so I want to give it a little more time before I give you my insight on that.

Guys I have just scratched the surface, really.

Here is the link to order a starter kit through me, if you want. It really has changed so much for us. Plus the group that I'm a part of is amazing and has a ton of knowledge!

Having small babies and a 3 year old that goes to daycare and picks up alllll the germs was another huge motivation for me get into oils because my sweet babes cannot take cough medicine or anything except tylenol and I just want them to be healthy.

I will be back next week with our favorite roller blends and a few other oils I have already started loving. Plus the accesories I use.
If you have any questions please please please e-mail me. I will be happy to answer and if I don't know I will find out! Promsie!