The seven year itch

Monday was the day that 7 years ago I married my wonderful husband

7 years ago we became husband and wife and while we are not the same people we were 7 years ago we are still madly in love.

Listen this marriage that we have is far from perfect. I have a sharp tounge, his first reacation is anger no matter what but at the end of the day we move on from all that because love wins. Love is enough.

In our seven years of marriage we have bought a house, had Grayson, had one miscarriage, had twins!, went on mulitple vacations, spent money when we shouldn't have, saved money, paid off debt, bought cars, and fell more and more in love.

It's chliche when people say I only thought I loved you then. It's true. So so true. My respect for him has grown too. He's just simply amazing. Sure he can drive me up the wall crazy like no one else but I love him so much.

My heart comes first to him and that is all I could ever ask for.  So here's to the seven year itch.